Charlotte's REEL Urban Network (RUN) to the Democratic National Convention
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Desegregation reveals the meaning of an effort by Johnson C. Smith students. It tells the story of when desegregation began and how the laws were passed for students to attend schools with other races. Swan vs. Charlotte explains the importance to our history. Johnson C. Smith students made a difference and helped with the protest against students and learning. The Excelsior club was a place where protestors and students made plans on how to beat the system when the odds were against them.

Emmanuel Reid

What is a Civil Rights Leader? This video tells about whites who helped during the civil rights movement.
– Jennifer Williams


They Named Me Hope by Kenroy Walker:

Kenroy explains he felt about leaving Jamaica and coming to America to get an education in the states.
– Jennifer Williams


“Let’s Move”

Let’s Move:
Michelle Obama during CIAA spreads awareness about her new initiative “Let’s Move”.

My Grandma Winnie Mandela

Most people know Winne Mandela by her position to her husband, but this story is different.  Her grandson talks about this phenomenal woman as his caregiver.  Grandma Winnie taught her grandson morals and principals for helping people.  Although she is a busy woman, she still helps her grandson with his education and teaches him to be respectful   He is thankful that she pushed him to attend a university in the United States.  Check out this video of Grandma Winnie!

Throwback to Smith…

Reginald Singetary explores the history of Smith through the eyes of Dr. Keith Lonnie Williams.

Reginald Singetary’s Inspiration

Reginald Singetary talks about his aunt that attended Johnson C. Smith University in 1963 and her struggles during that time.

Miriam’s Pathway Lighted by a Teacher

Miriam tells her story about the influence one teacher can have on many students..

Harvey Gantt & Dr. Carter

In this video Harvey Gantt explores the Dr. Carter’s visionary new plan and his innovative Mosaic Village including the exploration of the Westside and how it is being refurbished. Mr. Gantt provides a humble yet flattering reflection. Stay tuned for the new upgraded improvements by Dr. Carter and the Smith family.

Alvin Ailey: An Influential Passion

The Alvin Ailey Theatre was founded in 1958. Alvin Ailey’s passion to dance was influential to the people around him. Each year his passion and plan grew wiser and stronger. Wonder about Alvin Ailey’s biggest accomplishment?  Tune to the video for more and see how he posthumously inspires a young JCSU dance student.