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Tag: Paving the Way

Throwback to Smith…

Reginald Singetary explores the history of Smith through the eyes of Dr. Keith Lonnie Williams.

Reginald Singetary’s Inspiration

Reginald Singetary talks about his aunt that attended Johnson C. Smith University in 1963 and her struggles during that time.

Miriam’s Pathway Lighted by a Teacher

Miriam tells her story about the influence one teacher can have on many students..

Alvin Ailey: An Influential Passion

The Alvin Ailey Theatre was founded in 1958. Alvin Ailey’s passion to dance was influential to the people around him. Each year his passion and plan grew wiser and stronger. Wonder about Alvin Ailey’s biggest accomplishment?  Tune to the video for more and see how he posthumously inspires a young JCSU dance student.

Courtney Hunter “Everything to Me”

Courtney Hunter talks about his life journey and the woman that made everything happen.

Jesus as My Hero: Reginald

Mr. Reginald shows his everlasting love to Jesus Christ with a slideshow showing why Jesus is his hero. He elaborates by sharing gifts to his peers on why Jesus Christ will forever be his hero. Reginald tells how Jesus is always there to guide him whenever he needs him. Let this video be a blessing to you and see why Jesus Christ is not just a hero to Reginald but his Savior.



Liberian Soldiers: Risa Eadie

Ms. Eadie taps into her own culture and examines the dilemma of child soldiers in Liberia. Because her parents are from Liberia, she inspects the issues of child soldiers in Africa and how they are being recruited more and more each day. Once recruited into being a soldier, childhood begins to cease because they are then committed to being a fighter.



Tamika Watts

Tamika Watts shares her story on who inspires her. Most people are inspired by successful hard workers, but her inspirations comes from a little vessel she calls an angel. Tamika Watts’s niece is the reason why she came to college and is following her dreams to be a doctor. Check out this tribute to her angel.


A Gift to my Mother: Sana-Kay Whyte

Sana-Kay puts together an illustration as a gift to her mother. With this illustration, she focuses her attention on her mom and how she was a single parent raising two girls. In this day and age most adolescents in the black community are dealing with issues such as these. Take a look into how a little inspiration can go a long way and mean so much.



Winners Enjoy “Uptown Dinner” at Harvest Moon Grille

Chef at Harvest Moon Grille shares her ideas about how her craft has changed over the years.