Charlotte's REEL Urban Network (RUN) to the Democratic National Convention
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Westside Stories

Public History and Digitelling
Public History focuses on sharing a culture’s “living stories” in pictures, film, oral narratives, and multimedia displays.

A central use of storytelling for political and civic leaders is the use of springboard stories, i.e. true stories about the past that inspire action in the future.
-Stephen Denning-National Leadership Strategist

Professor Hutchins students in Public History will join Professor Black’s Video Storytelling students in collecting “Untold Westside Stories.” Facebook is used to collect your short stories, photographs and video clips. These “Springboard Stories” will engage student discussions about their present legacy for future generations.


Charles Jones talks to students about our history, what life used to be like for our ancestors and the progress that has been made.  JCSU communication arts students interviewed Jones and produced this video:  Crystal Baird, Tyra Beaux, Terry Clark, CiQuinta Shaw, Chantel Taylor and Quinton Toomer