Charlotte's REEL Urban Network (RUN) to the Democratic National Convention
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Colorism In America: Janelle Martin

Janelle Martin constructs a visual of her thoughts and ideas of Colorism in America, mainly focusing on the media and how certain individuals are transforming their skin tone. The brown paper bag test was an experiment that existed in the 1900’s and is still being demonstrated today. If you were darker than a paper bag, then you were considered to be a “darkie.” See how Ms. Martin discovers the issue with the changing of the complexion of skin tones in the media and how it is on-going process between video girls and the artist.



“Let’s Move”

Let’s Move:
Michelle Obama during CIAA spreads awareness about her new initiative “Let’s Move”.

Come and Join the Free Food and Prizes

All JCSU students are welcome to the RUNDNC2012 celebration this Monday, April 30 from 1-3 p.m.   There will be free drinks and snacks provided by Coca-Cola and Lance.  Coke will also announce plans to sponsor WBTV airtime and the building of a media platform for JCSU beyond the RUNDNC project.

*More than 100 STUDENTS will receive RUNDNC T-shirts and/or drawstring sports packs.  The event includes the awarding of RUNDNC contest prizes including 9 Apple iPod Touches, tickets to Panthers’/Bobcats’ games and more!

In addition there will be sign-ups for summer activities, the announcement of the International Media Scholarship recipients and plans for future scholarships with this foundation.

Please come celebrate the first “JCSU student-led multidisciplinary community project” of its kind while also enjoying the food, drink, festivities and fun!


Winners Enjoy “Uptown Dinner” at Harvest Moon Grille

Chef at Harvest Moon Grille shares her ideas about how her craft has changed over the years.

Michelle Obama CIAA

“Let’s Move” with First Lady Michelle Obama at the CIAA!


Twitter in 60 seconds

This is a tutorial for all the newcomers to Twitter.  Although you are a leader, Twitter allows you to gain followers while allowing you follow your favorite people to see their daily routines.  Twitter is a great for following your friends, celebrities and also provides a chance to meet new people. This video is a tutorial on how to use Twitter.  Check it out and join this new social network! Click on the Twitter icon at the top right of the page and follow RUNDNC2012.