Charlotte's REEL Urban Network (RUN) to the Democratic National Convention
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Colorism In America: Janelle Martin

Janelle Martin constructs a visual of her thoughts and ideas of Colorism in America, mainly focusing on the media and how certain individuals are transforming their skin tone. The brown paper bag test was an experiment that existed in the 1900’s and is still being demonstrated today. If you were darker than a paper bag, then you were considered to be a “darkie.” See how Ms. Martin discovers the issue with the changing of the complexion of skin tones in the media and how it is on-going process between video girls and the artist.



A Leader out Here!

One young woman thought it was over for her life but she found a leader to help her understand herself.   A student at Johnson C. Smith University has a story to tell.  There are leaders in the world that still can push the inner winner in young girls today. This is a story that unfolds about a young girl blind to the world; however, someone helped her find her light and now she is shining bright.  Check out this amazing story.



12 Portraits Sophia Brown

Find out about the diversity in Charlotte and the hidden problems in this beautiful city.

Who paved the way for Takayla?

Takayla’s grandmother tells her true story about her time in the civil rights movement. From protest movements to getting hurt for change, her grandmother took a stand for her education and equal rights. Takayla’s conversation with her grandmother is a detailed interview about taking a stand and paving the way for future generations to have an equal education. Now the African American community is able to be equal and have fair rights. Check out this phenomenal woman’s interview.


Black Panther Who?

When you first think about the Black Panther Party most people assume that violence is the key ingredient that makes the party, but this video gives important keynotes about Fred Hammond a member of the party and also the NAACP.  Some of his duties in the community were to seek education for children along with getting treatments for people in need of medical attention.  The video supports that Hammond was a leader in the community and an influence for gang members to cease violent behavior.  Even though the community supported his views and will to change the public, officials found him to be a threat to society.  He was gunned down in his home December 4, 1969 by Chicago law enforcement.  Even though they killed the revolutionary, they did not kill the revolution.  In Mr. Hammond’s honor, see how people … Read More »

My World to Charlotte

My World to Charlotte is about a young girl traveling from Brooklyn, New York to Charlotte, North Carolina.  The crime in Brooklyn was something the scholar was trying to escape, but when reaching Queen City,  she finds that every place has its problems.   She determines it is up to the person to try something different.   The violence and poverty in every state might not be the same but still occurs.   The public should do more to come together for a more civilized environment to fix the world’s problems.  See what this young scholar discovers about the world everyone shares.


Divided We Fall

The Willie Lynch story tells of black people turning against each other and brings the whole culture to shame.  The beating of two African American males where compared to each other.  In the case of Emmet Teel, he was accused of flirting with a white woman in a prejudiced state and was beaten.  Derrion Albert was beaten by black boys on the way home from school.  Both situations were brutal, but only one lives up to what Wille Lynch wanted to happen.  The black community must prove that the Willie Lynch movement was wrong and work together to encourage and remember the struggles for civil rights.


The First Lady Visits the CIAA

“She was tall, slender and fit,” said Shavonda Price of the Lady Golden Bulls Basketball Team.

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