Charlotte's REEL Urban Network (RUN) to the Democratic National Convention
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The REEL Urban Network’s RUN DNC 2012 project, inspired by the 2012 Presidential Elections and Charlotte’s historic role, is an innovative interdisciplinary educational project formed by the faculty and students at Johnson C. Smith University.

This project was launched in an effort to provide students, alumni and the residents of the West Charlotte area community an online platform to discuss issues and experiences that matter to them.  It is hoped that the entire community can work together to improve the democratic process and civic engagement with the sharing of the stories.  In terms of sponsorship and affiliations, the site is not:

  1. Affiliated with or promoting a particular political party’s platform.
  2. The site is not aligned with protest groups, religious groups, or corporate entities seeking to promote a collective agenda.
  3. The site is not an “Old School Rap” group (not in public at least).