Charlotte's REEL Urban Network (RUN) to the Democratic National Convention
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What We’re Doing

“It Takes a Thousand Voices to Tell a Single Story”
-Native American Proverb

The project begins with a single story about life as a student in Westside Charlotte to highlight the difference one student can make. However, this is just one story told through one set of eyes in a particular moment in time.

The mission of RUN-DNC-2012 is to end our project with thousands of voices from our community that represents and presents a collective “Westside Charlotte Story” to the 15,000 reporters arriving in our city for the Democratic National Convention.

About the Contents in Feature Video and Student Selection

The featured video on the site contains the movie trailers for the Freedom Riders movie by PBS out on DVD. The other trailer for Gospel Hill by Director Danny Glover is featured in the segment and both are highly recommended by Mr. Jones and students, as well as the complete story of Emmett Till featured in the student video.

The Motown selection “ABC” by the Jackson Five can be purchased on iTunes for download to personal devices or entire collection on CD.