Charlotte's REEL Urban Network (RUN) to the Democratic National Convention
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REEL Rhetorical Society

This project was started with Smith students before we reached out to the community. Students are sharing “What I Love about Smith” for our first introductions. This piece was created by student, Ashley McGee, using a free movie maker download for laptops.

Join Our REEL Rhetorical Society
Communication Arts students, led by Dr. Porter and Professor Black, move beyond the podium to cover issues in unique ways.

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  • Dr. Laurie Porter will encourage students to investigate and explore the unending world of rhetorical symbols, images, original oration, music, film clips and pictures to create meaningful messages that impact audiences on multiple levels.
  • Our youths are bombarded with media “reels” from every direction creating a view of “symbolic reality” perceived to be real. REEL Rhetoric students will post class “favorites” to launch contests and start discussions.


  • After the RUN-DNC project, professors and students will continue the REEL Rhetorical Society and work to secure an ongoing platform for outreach to other universities. The students will continue to mentor high school students and to offer workshops and membership events to link diverse students across new media platforms.


  • The REEL Rhetorical Society originated from the Freedom Riders project and was formed by Communication Arts students seeking to move beyond the podium to cover issues in unique ways.

R.eal Issues about Real People
E.dutainment for Social Change
E.ngaging & Empowering Youths
L.inking Communities