Charlotte's REEL Urban Network (RUN) to the Democratic National Convention
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Come and Join the Free Food and Prizes

All JCSU students are welcome to the RUNDNC2012 celebration this Monday, April 30 from 1-3 p.m.   There will be free drinks and snacks provided by Coca-Cola and Lance.  Coke will also announce plans to sponsor WBTV airtime and the building of a media platform for JCSU beyond the RUNDNC project.

*More than 100 STUDENTS will receive RUNDNC T-shirts and/or drawstring sports packs.  The event includes the awarding of RUNDNC contest prizes including 9 Apple iPod Touches, tickets to Panthers’/Bobcats’ games and more!

In addition there will be sign-ups for summer activities, the announcement of the International Media Scholarship recipients and plans for future scholarships with this foundation.

Please come celebrate the first “JCSU student-led multidisciplinary community project” of its kind while also enjoying the food, drink, festivities and fun!


ROCK the Poll

Charlotte’s REEL Urban Network’s RUNDNC2012 project is an innovative interdisciplinary collaboration between the faculty and students at Johnson C. Smith University. Inspired by Charlotte’s historic role hosting the Democratic National Convention in the fall, this project was launched to provide students, faculty, staff, alumni and the residents of the West Charlotte area community an online platform to become better informed about politics, discuss important political issues and experiences that matter to them and improve the West side community through the democratic process and civic engagement.

 The future of our democracy depends people like on YOU! When the nation and international community turns its attention to Charlotte in September, what do you want the world to know? Please complete our brief political poll and tell us what you think.

Amber Cooper and Project Charlotte

Amber Cooper gives Charlottians the chance to voice their opinion on the Queen City.  She gathers information from 12 individuals in the Charlotte area and their opinion on Charlotte.  She found some interesting information about the Queen City and historical facts that she even did not imagine. Watch and listen as Amber Cooper captures this story.


Courtney Hunter “Everything to Me”

Courtney Hunter talks about his life journey and the woman that made everything happen.

Jesus as My Hero: Reginald

Mr. Reginald shows his everlasting love to Jesus Christ with a slideshow showing why Jesus is his hero. He elaborates by sharing gifts to his peers on why Jesus Christ will forever be his hero. Reginald tells how Jesus is always there to guide him whenever he needs him. Let this video be a blessing to you and see why Jesus Christ is not just a hero to Reginald but his Savior.



Liberian Soldiers: Risa Eadie

Ms. Eadie taps into her own culture and examines the dilemma of child soldiers in Liberia. Because her parents are from Liberia, she inspects the issues of child soldiers in Africa and how they are being recruited more and more each day. Once recruited into being a soldier, childhood begins to cease because they are then committed to being a fighter.



Tamika Watts

Tamika Watts shares her story on who inspires her. Most people are inspired by successful hard workers, but her inspirations comes from a little vessel she calls an angel. Tamika Watts’s niece is the reason why she came to college and is following her dreams to be a doctor. Check out this tribute to her angel.


A Gift to my Mother: Sana-Kay Whyte

Sana-Kay puts together an illustration as a gift to her mother. With this illustration, she focuses her attention on her mom and how she was a single parent raising two girls. In this day and age most adolescents in the black community are dealing with issues such as these. Take a look into how a little inspiration can go a long way and mean so much.



Basketball Saved Me by Jimmy Joyner

What saved Jimmy Joyner from going down the wrong path?


Vanesa gives thanks

Vanesa is a college student at Johnson C. Smith University whose family is from El Salvador. If Vanesa had to pick someone that she dedicates her love, it would be her dad. Her father sacrificed his own life to give his daughters a better education in the United States. Vanesa’s story tells of her triumph living in the United States and how it has benefited her as a person. Coming to JCSU changed her life for the better and she has her father to thank. Watch Vanesa’s touching story to get an insight on her amazing life.