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Desegregation reveals the meaning of an effort by Johnson C. Smith students. It tells the story of when desegregation began and how the laws were passed for students to attend schools with other races. Swan vs. Charlotte explains the importance to our history. Johnson C. Smith students made a difference and helped with the protest against students and learning. The Excelsior club was a place where protestors and students made plans on how to beat the system when the odds were against them.

Emmanuel Reid

What is a Civil Rights Leader? This video tells about whites who helped during the civil rights movement.
– Jennifer Williams


Fred Hampton as an Unsung Hero.

This video shows the Black Panther party as a whole with the focus on their leading activist Fred Hampton.  His story is explained and elaborated through pictorial illustrations and tunes.  The brutal murder of Hampton shocked all of Chicago.  The Rev. Jesse Jackson stated that people in Chicago bled everywhere after the death of Fred Hampton.

No Joke: The Story of Emmitt Til

4th February

Mr. Jones told students “Before you can understand life in the 60s, you need to know the story of Emmett Til.”