Charlotte's REEL Urban Network (RUN) to the Democratic National Convention
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Terms of Use

Before joining Charlotte’s Reel Urban Network, please become familiar with the pages explaining the educational purpose of the site.  The site workers consist of a community of volunteers with full-time jobs, families and responsibilities. There is no corporate organizations or grant funding; therefore, the operation relies on the community to help monitor the site and assist with our outreach. Student volunteers are monitoring tweets and posts from members during the work week but we are not able to monitor in “real time” on nights and weekends to ban members using profanity or posting hate messages.

In terms of security, there are two web designers who have volunteered in the construction of the site and  implemented the highest level of security for administering site content.  If your students are in need of monitoring, please only visit the site when you are able to join and view spontaneous comments from members.

There is a one strike policy for any profanity or any marginalization of other members in a community of open dialogue.  Users will be removed immediately and the site can track repeat use of an IP address.  Beyond these precautions, our members need to support our mission and help alert us of any predatory behaviors.  This is a educational learning site and not a social networking site promoting outside relationships, particularly contact with minors or college students with unknown parties dialoguing in forums. The purpose is to bring the community together at the end of the project for a supervised, family style meet and greet hosted at one of our campuses or community centers to allow a face-to-face exchange with members.

Finally, open forums are used to allow “fair use” of photos and videos for viewing from those platforms and will include movie title and artists used in new student pieces when used in compilations for projects.  There will be no attempt to copyright, publish or sell any items displayed during the project and there will be no attempt to profit from any pieces submitted to the site.  If you want to join our community with this understanding, then you are invited to register and enter our blogs, activities and discussions. Our entire mission throughout the project is to engage, inform and empower the people, particularly the youth, in our community.