Charlotte's REEL Urban Network (RUN) to the Democratic National Convention
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Desegregation reveals the meaning of an effort by Johnson C. Smith students. It tells the story of when desegregation began and how the laws were passed for students to attend schools with other races. Swan vs. Charlotte explains the importance to our history. Johnson C. Smith students made a difference and helped with the protest against students and learning. The Excelsior club was a place where protestors and students made plans on how to beat the system when the odds were against them.

Emmanuel Reid

What is a Civil Rights Leader? This video tells about whites who helped during the civil rights movement.
– Jennifer Williams


“Let’s Move”

Let’s Move:
Michelle Obama during CIAA spreads awareness about her new initiative “Let’s Move”.

Fred Hampton as an Unsung Hero.

This video shows the Black Panther party as a whole with the focus on their leading activist Fred Hampton.  His story is explained and elaborated through pictorial illustrations and tunes.  The brutal murder of Hampton shocked all of Chicago.  The Rev. Jesse Jackson stated that people in Chicago bled everywhere after the death of Fred Hampton.

Harvey Gantt & Dr. Carter

In this video Harvey Gantt explores the Dr. Carter’s visionary new plan and his innovative Mosaic Village including the exploration of the Westside and how it is being refurbished. Mr. Gantt provides a humble yet flattering reflection. Stay tuned for the new upgraded improvements by Dr. Carter and the Smith family.

ROCK the Poll

Charlotte’s REEL Urban Network’s RUNDNC2012 project is an innovative interdisciplinary collaboration between the faculty and students at Johnson C. Smith University. Inspired by Charlotte’s historic role hosting the Democratic National Convention in the fall, this project was launched to provide students, faculty, staff, alumni and the residents of the West Charlotte area community an online platform to become better informed about politics, discuss important political issues and experiences that matter to them and improve the West side community through the democratic process and civic engagement.

 The future of our democracy depends people like on YOU! When the nation and international community turns its attention to Charlotte in September, what do you want the world to know? Please complete our brief political poll and tell us what you think.

The First Lady’s Initiative TO MOVE!

This video looks into the “Lets Move” initiative presented by First Lady Michelle Obama to diminish obesity. There are five steps to this initiative. First Lady Obama blessed Charlotte, NC with her presence and discussed the plan with fellow residents and children of Charlotte. This plan is really active and influential. Take the time to watch.

Harvey Gantt

Learn about politics in Charlotte and how Harvey Gantt takes a stand.


JCSU Rock The Vote Week

Click here for a list of fun, yet serious, events and programs for JCSU’s “Rock the Vote” week.

Monday, April 2nd, 12-1 p.m. on the BLOCK

Women in Politics:  Stroll Off and Unity Stroll

Voter Registration provided by Democracy Matters

Republican Candidate Forum sponsored by the Political Science Association from 12:30-1:30 in the Rotunda

Music provided by DJ Mydnite

If you are a member of a Greek letter organization, wear paraphernalia and represent your organization including the historic contribution your members made to American politics and the democratic process.

Join us for the Trayvon Martin Rally at 6 p.m. on the Block on Monday, April 2nd. Please come show your support and help us build a movement for justice and reconciliation.

*106 & Smith: Hip Hop, the Presidential Elections and the Youth Vote (Live music, performances, and a DJ) 6-8 p.m. on … Read More »

Interview Webcasts for Political Discussions

12th February

Join our question-answer webcast discussions from ongoing student press conferences with leaders such as US Senator Kaye Hagan and The Washington Posts’s Eugene Robinson. We will post short sessions to prompt dialogue on relevant issues.