Charlotte's REEL Urban Network (RUN) to the Democratic National Convention
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Contest Winner

Second Contest Winner Announcement
– Jennifer Williams

Come and Join the Free Food and Prizes

All JCSU students are welcome to the RUNDNC2012 celebration this Monday, April 30 from 1-3 p.m.   There will be free drinks and snacks provided by Coca-Cola and Lance.  Coke will also announce plans to sponsor WBTV airtime and the building of a media platform for JCSU beyond the RUNDNC project.

*More than 100 STUDENTS will receive RUNDNC T-shirts and/or drawstring sports packs.  The event includes the awarding of RUNDNC contest prizes including 9 Apple iPod Touches, tickets to Panthers’/Bobcats’ games and more!

In addition there will be sign-ups for summer activities, the announcement of the International Media Scholarship recipients and plans for future scholarships with this foundation.

Please come celebrate the first “JCSU student-led multidisciplinary community project” of its kind while also enjoying the food, drink, festivities and fun!


Winners Enjoy “Uptown Dinner” at Harvest Moon Grille

Chef at Harvest Moon Grille shares her ideas about how her craft has changed over the years.

The Next iPod Touch Giveaway

4th April

Are you as lucky as Tamika Watts?  You may not need to be because  this contest lets you  enter many, many times.  You can increase your odds of winning by signing up other JCSU students, your friends, family and various other associates.  All you need is to convince them to join and list you as their referral.  The more referrals you get, the more times you are entered to win the next iPod Touch!   That is right. The next iPod Touch could be yours. Somebody is going to win, so why not increase your chances?  You have until Thursday, March 1 at 5:00 p.m. to register as many new users as you can.

Securing the Compound Leadership Contest

Deadline for Securing the Compound Contest videos is Friday March 23 at 5:00 p.m.  See details below to win a visit to the Police Academy (with a friend) for a Simulation Shootout Experience and an Apple iPod Touch.

“You can’t lead the people if you don’t love the people. You can’t save the people if you don’t serve the people.” – Cornel West, Hope on a Tightrope : Words and Wisdom (2008)

Leadership is more than being in charge, more than giving orders.  Leadership can come from many places and in many forms.  Sometimes led by fiery words and a strong voice, but other times it is the quiet leadership of patience and perseverance that inspires the most.  Leadership can come from first responders, politicians and religious figures, but it also comes from the often silent example of others that guides and instructs.  Tell … Read More »

Pay It Forward Contest and tht Winner

The story below tells of civil rights struggles and victories.  This video is the Pay-It-Forward winner and the meeting at the Harvest Moon Grille.  Come Learn about the dinner’s significance.



Charles Jones and Ron Corley tell of segregation/desegregation and the ironic twist that Professor Laurie Porter discovered about their families’ connection.

E-mail a link to  your story on Facebook or in 2-3 minute video format for You Tube to the RUNDNC Contact Page for a chance to win a symbolic Freedom Ride and walk “through the front door” together of the Historic Dunhill Hotel and the Harvest Moon Grille. Lots of paparazzi…

Next iPod Touch Drawing March 1: This Could Be You

Click on this title, and imagine the drawing goes to you. Details on how to win the Monday March 1  iPod Touch giveaway in the next blog later today.

Submit Photos of the College Experience

With graduation just around the corner, you are inited to reflect on your college experience. Submit a photograph that best illustrates college to you. Perhaps there is a place you go to get away from it all (or be part of it all) or visually interpret how college changed you or what you learned.

Tell the story in 125 words or less. What is happening in your photo? What does it mean to you?

Photographs should be sent by March 9.

This request for student photos is from Jane Karr, editor of the New York Times’ Education Life section. She is requesting student photographs of the college experience. Photos chosen will appear in the April 15 Education Life section of  The full description is at