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Securing the Compound Leadership Contest

Posted on 20th March, by gguffey in Westside Stories. No Comments

Deadline for Securing the Compound Contest videos is Friday March 23 at 5:00 p.m.  See details below to win a visit to the Police Academy (with a friend) for a Simulation Shootout Experience and an Apple iPod Touch.

“You can’t lead the people if you don’t love the people. You can’t save the people if you don’t serve the people.” – Cornel West, Hope on a Tightrope : Words and Wisdom (2008)

Leadership is more than being in charge, more than giving orders.  Leadership can come from many places and in many forms.  Sometimes led by fiery words and a strong voice, but other times it is the quiet leadership of patience and perseverance that inspires the most.  Leadership can come from first responders, politicians and religious figures, but it also comes from the often silent example of others that guides and instructs.  Tell a story of a leader whose actions and service demonstrate some of the many ways to lead and serve others in our community.

On the Westside, there are leaders that are always the last ones out of building or those whose personal safety and freedom are put behind those of others.  Civil rights leaders chose “jail no bail” so that they actually served time for our future rights.  This contest celebrates the Westside community members who worked on all fronts to put freedom, education and community above their own needs.

Any form of storytelling may be used to enter this contest.  Record a conversation or story on your cell phone or use pictures and a voice over to tell your story.  There is no end to the combination of “how” to tell your story, but the main ingredient is a quality story.  At any point, you may receive technical help by e-mailing to get a lab assistant to help you with uploading or enhancing your story with original photographs or music.  Simply “share” a link to your story by e-mail to by March 21st to enter to win.

Finalists will be featured on WBTV and the winner will get a trip to the .  The winner will also receive a new Apple I-Touch to speak with officers about securing Charlotte for the DNC and the piece will be aired during the DNC in September.

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