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Black Panther Who?

Posted on 4th April, by cboderick in Uncategorized. No Comments

When you first think about the Black Panther Party most people assume that violence is the key ingredient that makes the party, but this video gives important keynotes about Fred Hammond a member of the party and also the NAACP.  Some of his duties in the community were to seek education for children along with getting treatments for people in need of medical attention.  The video supports that Hammond was a leader in the community and an influence for gang members to cease violent behavior.  Even though the community supported his views and will to change the public, officials found him to be a threat to society.  He was gunned down in his home December 4, 1969 by Chicago law enforcement.  Even though they killed the revolutionary, they did not kill the revolution.  In Mr. Hammond’s honor, see how people carried on his dreams and will to save African American people.


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